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Saturday, 18 December 2010

An AfterEllen Interview with Jenny Shimizu

Out model Jenny Shimizu was famously discovered while working as a mechanic in California. It's been two decades since she's become a well-known face, and she's taken on major ad campaigns, acting, a judging role on reality TV and a fashion line. Now Shimizu is going behind-the-scenes to become an agent at Women Direct Modeling Agency.
Shimizu recently took the time to answer our questions about her new career path, which she happens to have a lot of experience in already.

AfterEllen: What made you decide to make the jump from talent to agent?
Jenny Shimizu:
 As an agent, I kind of get to bring together the best choices I've made; I have a wealth of information about this business and moved back to New York a year ago and had opportunity to learn how to become an agent. Initially I wasn't sure it was going to be a proper fit; the business is very difficult on both sides. I'm really glad i did it though, because just the fact that I can pass on everything I've ever learned about the fashion business and work with people I have connections with from being a model and now I am getting my girls to work for them.

AE: When do you start at Women Direct?
 I became an agent as of January, which, it usually takes two to three years before you start booking clients but I was really on the fast track because of my history of being a model so my connections worked out and I was able to move up really quickly; it only took about six months.
Tell me about Women Direct and what made you choose this agency over others.
 Women Direct is a really great company and very respectable. They are one of the top agencies in New York so I have a lot of ties with this company already; so very familiar. They are also a smaller "boutique" agency, which I really like.
Read the full interview on After Ellen.

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