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Friday, 31 December 2010

10 Androgynous Models We Love

Andre Pejic

Martin Cohn

Lea T.

And of course, there's Jenny Shimizu in the list. 

Full list at fabricmag.

Thursday, 30 December 2010

Exclusive Interview: Supermodel Jenny Shimizu @ The Seattle Lesbian

TSL: You attended California State University, Northridge on a basketball scholarship. We had no idea over here that you were such a sports enthusiast. What else might your fans be surprised to know about you?
JS: I wasn’t actually planning on going to college and then I registered late and my dad went down and asked if I could try out for the basketball team because I had been playing basketball my whole life and had done really well. They told me to go down and try out and I did and was made a part of the team. I was on the team, but didn’t get to play for the next four seasons (one year) but it was great because I didn’t have to miss out on a full year that way.
TSL: Your androgynous look was what initially paved the way to your famous introduction to fashion mogul Calvin Klein. How did that come about?
JS: I wasn’t really planning to do that as a career and was definitely caught off-guard. I wasn’t really prepared and didn’t even have a passport or anything! I had to pack up a small bag, go to New York, get a passport, and then the rest is history. The next week I was on a plane to Milan on my way to meeting Gianni Versace.

TSL: I imagine you have many interesting stories under your proverbial belt regarding that time in your life as a young model.
JS: Oh, yeah [laughs]. I have many, many stories. When I look back in hindsight, I can definitely see that I never said “no” and I never turned anything down that scared me. I took the opportunity to do everything. I made myself available for the projects that came along and never let fear get in the way.

Read the full interview on The Seattle Lesbian.

Sunday, 19 December 2010

Crutches? HA-HA!

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Saturday, 18 December 2010

An AfterEllen Interview with Jenny Shimizu

Out model Jenny Shimizu was famously discovered while working as a mechanic in California. It's been two decades since she's become a well-known face, and she's taken on major ad campaigns, acting, a judging role on reality TV and a fashion line. Now Shimizu is going behind-the-scenes to become an agent at Women Direct Modeling Agency.
Shimizu recently took the time to answer our questions about her new career path, which she happens to have a lot of experience in already.

AfterEllen: What made you decide to make the jump from talent to agent?
Jenny Shimizu:
 As an agent, I kind of get to bring together the best choices I've made; I have a wealth of information about this business and moved back to New York a year ago and had opportunity to learn how to become an agent. Initially I wasn't sure it was going to be a proper fit; the business is very difficult on both sides. I'm really glad i did it though, because just the fact that I can pass on everything I've ever learned about the fashion business and work with people I have connections with from being a model and now I am getting my girls to work for them.

AE: When do you start at Women Direct?
 I became an agent as of January, which, it usually takes two to three years before you start booking clients but I was really on the fast track because of my history of being a model so my connections worked out and I was able to move up really quickly; it only took about six months.
Tell me about Women Direct and what made you choose this agency over others.
 Women Direct is a really great company and very respectable. They are one of the top agencies in New York so I have a lot of ties with this company already; so very familiar. They are also a smaller "boutique" agency, which I really like.
Read the full interview on After Ellen.

Friday, 17 December 2010

The Tao of Jenny Shimizu

Everytime I look at this photo, it gives me a feeling of absolute zen.

I have made it my computer's desktop wallpaper.

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Thursday, 2 December 2010