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Thursday, 30 July 2009

sugar & spice: Grrrls on film (excerpt)

Date: 31 March 1997
Publication: A. Magazine
Author: Unknown

On Jenny Shimizu as Goldie in Foxfire:

Look, CK girl Jenny Shimizu is always going to be a lesbian. Hiding it would not work. She just lets it all out: cropped hair, wide leather belt, softened old jeans, and shit-kicker boots. So even though she doesn't actually say "I'm a lesbian" in this feminist Breakfast Club movie about five high school girls coming together in an unlikely bonding, she is.

The cast of characters, a slut, an achiever, a tough wanderer, a druggie (Jenny), and a geek all get together to beat up the science teacher trying to cop a feel from his female students, to hassle the football boy hoping to rape the achiever, and to kidnap an abusive father. Sounds like a lesbian movie to me.

lesbian realness quotient: 8

sex scene: none. but romance all over the place.

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